Individual Personal Gifts for Your Big Day

Looking for wedding favors?

Look no further as you can have your own word and photo as a fridge magnet, making a unique personalized gift.

Guests will love it and have a permanent memento of your special day.

Wedding Favor Magnet Gifts - image

Wedding Favor Magnet Gifts

These will be personalized with your choice of letters and word, with engagement photo or photograph of your choice which I will re-tone to match the letters.

This style of personal magnets are not limited to just weddings they also a great memento for any special occasion or celebrations, retirements, graduations baby showers/announcements even corporate gifts and for fundraising and charity events.

The minimum quantity of the same magnet design is 90 units measuring approx 4 inches x 1 inch at $1.67 each, plus tax and shipping. Larger quantities 120 or more will be $1.57 each.

For smaller quantities, choose from our ready made fridge magnets and mini posters.

Request details for your particular event or celebration.

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