A slow smile came to her face

Serving three people at once and putting words in frames at our last show, among the hustle bustle, I glanced up to notice one lady standing in the centre aisle, motionless.

Standing statuesque among the throng of people, only the lady’s eyes moved looking from one framed word to another on  my backdrop display. Tears were running down each of her cheeks, as a slow smile came to her face.

Concerned for the lady, I asked if she was alright and if I could help. Stepping forward and holding onto the table she sighed wiped her eyes and replied “Yes, your work has taken my breath away and moved me, I adore sophisticated art, I have never seen anything like this so original and beautiful with so many possibilities.”

To my knowledge my art has never moved a person to tears before; it is nice to be appreciated for all the time and work involved in the creative process.

The lady composed herself and was very excited to look through the selection of photo letters. “Inspirational” she muttered “truly inspirational”, as she began showing others around her the letters she was selecting.

The first word was “Smile” which I framed for her, she then went on to choose other letters and words for gifts this Christmas, and the last name of a friend getting married on Christmas Eve.

She assured me the tears were for joy and amazement and I now have a customer for life.

Thank you Sheila.

Smile - image

To my knowledge my art has never moved a person to tears before


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    • Hello Angela – thank you for taking the trouble to comment on this lovely story! I have already taken action and there is a new share button (below the articles and other content) that I hope does what you ask!

      Lovely to hear from you


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  1. What a wonderful story. So great that she chose the word Smile first. She was still smiling inside even as she had to make practical decisions. You can be assured that is one lettergraph that will be cherished for a very long time. I am going to go on your site and order the word Poppy. That is what my husband was called by the grandkids. We lost him New Year’s day 2012. So almost 2 years ago but we all still miss him so much. I will probably order some last names for Christmas. Love your work.

  2. Hello David – this is such a lovely story and just shows the potential for your photographic work….

    Thank you for sharing all thse comments….

    Best to you all


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