“Improve Your Photography…” eBook

The e–book available below provides simple tips to improve your photography, turning snaps in to great photographs. Produced by the A to Z photographer David Matthews, it offers advice on composition (the placement of elements within the photo), camera operation and accessories.

Telephoto shot of a polar bearThere has been such a great leap in technology and the simplicity of photography in the past few years that there is no reason why everyone cannot be a good photographer. However, I am still seeing the same mistakes today that people made 20 and 30 years ago.

This book could even help me take great pictures. I did not realize there was so much involved in taking a picture and used to point and shoot not knowing the simple steps. Thanks, it’s a great book and should be called “Photos for Dummies” it’s that simple!

Harold R

Available to download in PDF format, you can buy my e–book right now…

$17 CAD (was $27)

Cover of Improve Your Photography e-book


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