About Letter Photos

When viewed with a different eye, nature and everyday objects can form letters. When photographed and placed together they form words, which is the basis of A to Z Illusions.

The word LOVE made from letter photosThe idea came about when David Matthews was volunteering at the local school in the literacy programme:

I had a student who was having trouble forming the shapes of letters. So I invented a little game to find letters among the desks and chairs of the classroom. That was the “aha” moment – recalling the past, and approaching the subject from a different angle.

David Matthews

Our brain and eyes are trained to see what we believe should be there and not always what is really there. Cognitive understanding can be changed with a second open–minded look.

At first glance most people see a series of unique sepia toned individual photographs, but when viewed with an open mind, people are able to see a letter without prompting. This in turn makes the realisation that all the individual photos are letters which form a word. Once the letters are seen they are always visible and can become a big conversation point in any home.

Words inspire, encourage and remind us. Personalized by you, these letter photos or ‘Lettergraphs’ make unique gifts to please that special person in your life or for occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement and births. The scope is endless with A to Z Illusions inspirational words.